Nic Sims and Patrick Brady

  • When it comes to media requests, Nic, shall we say, makes things happen.” Patrick Brady – Owner Red Kite Prayer
  •  “Scott is tremendously easy to work with, mostly for the fact that he brings a journalist’s mindset to the PR game. He’s intimately familiar with the products he’s pitching and always ready with a story idea or two or three to get the creative process rolling. Plus he’s quick to keep us in the loop and follow up with anything we need to make a story happen.” Will Egensteiner – Outside Magazine
  • “I’ve worked in magazines and media for 36 years with hundreds of different companies and thousands of marketing personal. Nic is one of those extremely rare individuals you can reach anytime, always knowledgeable, creative and can arrive effortlessly at a solution when one is required. Nic’s positive attitude, ability to effectively communicate and organize make him an invaluable marketing/manager. Any company would be lucky to have Nic on their team.” Robert Rex Advertising Manager Peleton Magazine/movepress
  • “Scott Boulbol manages to execute a perfect mix of industry expertise, unyielding professionalism, and a firm understanding of what writers and editors need. And the guy demonstrates an uncanny ability to always see the positive in any experience.” Nathan Borchelt – National Geographic
  • “It is always a pleasure to work with Scott, truly an outstanding agent and colleague. Numerous PR firms can get you what you need, but Scott never stops there. He consistently goes the extra mile — oftentimes literally — to ensure clients and media alike are connected, informed, and on the leading edge of the industry. I know of no one who works harder — in any arena.” Adam Ruggiero – Gear Junkie
  • “The People you need to know in the Bike Industry.” Element.ly
  • “Over the years as a reviewer and writer for the cycling industry, I have met many people in the sports marketing end of things.  Among all those have been some stand out people, but no one more so than Nic Sims who I first met when he was with Specialized as a senior marketing person.  He treated us, a ‘small fish’ in this cycling media business, like we were one of the big guys and we always felt welcome and fairly dealt with.  Marketing people are a dime a dozen, but those with the ability to be fair and gracious while doing it are more rare.  His knowledge of people in cycling and his common sense approach to this business we all love, when added to his integrity, is a combination that takes years to acquire, if ever.  Bikes are bikes.  It’s passionate and skilled people that make a company great. Hire this guy…quickly.” Michael ‘Grannygear’ Troy – Editor twentynineinches.com
  • “Working with Scott is one of the easiest parts of my weekly routine. He’s definitely one of the most responsive and tuned in PR people I’ve worked with in my two decades as a journalist in the outdoor industry. Any chance to work with Scott and Nic over the years has always gone well and I look forward to many more.” Aaron Bible – Freelancer (Men’s Health, Backpacker, Gear Institute)
  • “I’ve been to two events that were coordinated by Scott and Nic. Each event has stayed with me through experience, new friendships and ongoing business partnerships. I also took away a new knowledge base about every company that they represented at the events. Attendees were educated through actual field use and reliance on sample products. An on-demand product testing program that created new brand loyalties!”  Brian McVickers – Overland Journal
  • “When I need the right product for a review, in a timely manner, I know I can depend on Scott Boulbol. Rather than the shot-gun method of pitching that many starter-pr firms seem to prefer, Scott not only has deep knowledge of publications and their needs, but also understands the time constrains writers are under.” Nancy Bouchard – Backpacker